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$$$ | 4pm-Close

2724 Ingersoll Avenue | Des Moines, IA 50312           (515) 244-1314 | $$$ | 4pm-Close Tue– Sat

Sun 10a-3p 

Harbinger is a vegetable focused small plates concept featuring flavors inspired by our chef’s trips through SE Asia and beyond. Our mission is to tell the story of the place we call home and the amazing products that Iowa provides. We work endlessly to support local, not just with our food, but within our day-to-day operations.

The Cheese SHop

$$ | 10am-7pm*

833 42nd St., Suite B | Des Moines, IA | (515) 528-8181 | $$ | 10am-7pm*

#1 Cheese Shop in the Nation

The Cheese Shop is a must stop for foodies and cheese lovers. The original shop is small (holds about 20 people), it is suggested you go at off peak hours from 10am-7pm. CJ, Brent, and TCS Staff will take care of you. If you can’t find a seat, get some to go or visit their bigger sister restaurant on Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines, The Cheese Bar | $$


$$ to $$$     | 7am-5pm M-F |           Sat 8am-8pm

300 SW 5th| Des Moines, IA | (515) 369-7854 | $$ to $$$ | 7am-5pm M-F | Sat 8am-8pm

St. Kilda is a full-service Australian-style café & bakery serving breakfast and lunch. We specialize in healthy modern dishes, fresh-baked pastries and breads, artisanal coffee beverages featuring Counter Culture Coffee, and a full bar serving cocktails, beer, and wine


$$ | 11am-Midnight | Sat 9am-Midnight

223 4th Street | Des Moines, IA | (515) 323-3333 | $$ | 11am-Midnight | Sat 9am-Midnight

Fong’s Pizza combines flavors & inspiration from the Far East & the West to create what we think is the best! Home to the original Crab Rangoon Pizza, we specialize in pizzas, as well as handmade appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and gluten friendly, vegetarian, & vegan selections. Feel free to indulge in a tiki drink or craft beer with our Fongtastic unique cuisine. Cheers! Late Night Snack and Bar Open until 2 or 3am. Check Website.

el Bait Shop

 $ | 11am-2am

200 SW 2nd St| Des Moines, IA | (515) 284-1970| $ | 11am-2am
el Bait SHop, A true world class beer bar here in Downtown Des Moines. 262 Beers on Tap. Check out the High Life Lounge, attached next door and have a Miller High Life, “The Champagne of Beers.” Along with some Bacon Wrapped Tots and a Killer Chicken Pot Pie. Did we mention there is Tang? 


$$ | 11am-9pm | Sun 11am -3pm

1107 E. University Ave| Des Moines, IA | (515) 266-0664 | $$ | 11am-9pm | Sun 11am -3pm
Fawn’s Asian Cuisine, not to be confused with Fong’s Pizza! This is a totally different ballgame. Fawn's Restaurant for many fans and a few different Southeast Asian and Chinese cuisine. Not only is the food delicious, but Fawn is a terrific restauranteur. She remembers everyone, even if they haven't eaten at her restaurant for years. She makes you feel like family when visiting. There are so many excellent choices on the menu Laotian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese. The portions are very generous, so I always have leftovers to take home whether it is the Pad Thai, the Mongolian Beef, Sesame Chicken, Pho, or try the Kaow Poon (KP2)! 

Wasabi Tao

$$ | 4pm-11pm F | S 11am-11pm

400 Walnut Street | Des Moines, IA | $$ |(515) 777-3636 | $$ | 4pm-11pm F | S 11am-11pm
Des Moines has great sushi! Is probably something you haven’t heard, probably ever. Wasabi Tao and its sister local family-owned restaurants have made this a true statement (In Our Opinion) about sushi in the metro. Tamameshiki rice is used for the sushi preparation, something rarely seen outside of Japan. Quality you can taste. 

Mi Patria

$ | 1am-9pm M-Sat

1410 22nd Street | West Des Moines, IA | (515) 222-2755 | $ | 1am-9pm M-Sat 
Mi Patria. Ecuadorian Restaurant is a true gem in the Des Moines Metro. Mi Patria has chosen the best and the more representative of the Ecuadorian food to offer in their menu. Our specialties include of seafood, rice, beans and dishes based on flour, bananas and corn. We also offer traditional Ecuadorian drinks of Tropical and Manzana. Try some Llapingachos or the Picadillo de Hornado. We’ve never had a bad meal!

Gong Fu Tea

 $ | 7am-6pm M-F | Sat 7am-5p

414 E 6th Street | Des Moines, IA | (515) 288-3388 | $ | 7am-6pm M-F | Sat 7am-5pm
Gong Fu Tea is an amazing Des Moines spot. They have an absolutely massive selection of tea that is equally matched with knowledgeable staff who know more about tea than you ever will... What's really cool about Gong Fu is that you can get a cup there, sit and relax in the amazing ambiance of the shop or get a bag to-go. They are extremely friendly and welcoming and have the best selection you'll find anywhere.”– Abby K – Des Moines

Horizon Line Coffee

 $ | 7am-7pm M-F | S&S 7am-5pm

223 4th Street | Des Moines, IA | $ | 7am-7pm M-F | S&S 7am-5pm
Horizon Line Coffee is a coffee bar and roastery located in the Western Gateway neighborhood of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Started by two friends from Southern California, their vision was simple: serve good coffee and care about others. There are many different ways to do this, but is done primarily through sourcing high quality, ethical, and traceable coffees, cultivating an inclusive community, and providing coffee education.

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